Integrative Healing is about:

Be more available for your own life!

Lisa is deeply passionate about helping people create happier and more fulfilling lives. She offers compassionate services for people that are strength based and client led.

Using a mix of powerful modalities as support, Lisa will guide you in locating and integrating emotional and/or physical blockages and ailments, energetic contractions, limiting beliefs, compulsions/addictions, unhealed wounds/trauma, false identities, and anything that is having a powerful influence on your life.

Lisa has her Masters of Social Work, and is a Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator, a level 3 Reiki Master, an Access BARS practitioner, and has studied Shamanic Healing, Myofacial Release, Tantra and Kundalini. She has been doing somatic energy healing work and therapy for over 15 years.

Lisa is deeply respectful of all religious and spiritual paths and is GLBT supportive and knowledgeable.