Matrix Integration Exploration Application

Our 8-month will be an intensive journey that we will be on together. Please complete this document so we can get a sense of readiness, as well as what might help support and prepare  you between now and then.

Please answer as honestly as you can you cam across something that is challenging for you, please include that in your response; know what we can talk about anything and everything that resonates for you. Challenge is sometime an opportunity in disguise. If you are not ready a client, we may request a personal interview to confirm readiness, capability and /or acquire clarity. You also welcome to request interviews, in addition to filling out this written form, so as to get more clarity for yourself.

Please type your answer in bold after each and return to LLMEUSER@ME.COM

If you like to donate funds to be available to others, please let us know by contacting Lisa at LLMEUSER@ME.COM Thank you.!.