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While I don’t always trust people, I trust Being in Life.

There’s depth in that clarity that feels simple and somatically empowering.


See, i’m an abuse survivor. I was raised in an environment where the people in my life were not trustable, and we might even say that opposite- but that’s all i had. I *had* to put my trust in others, for the sake of my survival. As young beings on this planet, we’ve all had to do that, consciously or otherwise.  Perhaps even more significant, I also had to put trust in thoughts- or, as I often refer to it, in mental managing. IE:  living (more like, spinning out) from my head, as opposed to from my heart/being.

My desire for heart freedom started young, but that early programming led to lots of depression and anxiety, and plenty of harmful relationships. Eventually, with the help of others, I started to learn how to reclaim my attention, develop a relationship with my heart/being, and over time I established an internal sense of resourcefulness with mySelf, and with Life. 

Sometimes I beat up on myself that I can’t can’t trust X person with full abandon, or that I feel insecure in my intimate relationships, or that I’m a little different than others. Then I remember that the way to freedom is in being able to trust the moment that I’m in.  When I re-connect with mySelf in Life, in this moment, I discover that trust in intimacy *does* show up, and it shows up in integrity, rather from scarcity or lack. This means that my relationships are authentic, kind, and loving. We’re learning together. We really do grow and heal in communities of integrity.

It’s a relief and amazing to realize that I have co-created an amazing current reality, where I am co-creating amongst others committed to living in integrity. These are the people I spend my time with. We are all, in our own ways, engaged with liberated living.

Over and over, I remember that I can slow down, recalibrate, and begin again. Learning how to trust life is a process- and a journey that I will always be on. It’s more fun, and life changing, when we do it in community. If you’d like to learn how to be more in relationship with yourself and life, check out our upcoming new group. We begin October 23rd!   Want to read a bit more? Check out this post.

From current community members:

“The practices have motivated me to make so many changes in my life. I’ve found a way to regulate in difficult circumstances in ways I hadn’t been able to.” …current community member

I used to think the cure to dissociation was hard to find and complicated, would take years of healing etc. This morning I realized that for me it is simply a default feeling that I can choose to get out of instantly. Just by (using the practices) and “checking in,” simply. It’s so simple it is elusive often. Snapping out of dissociation doesn’t mean all my problems are solved, but (it can shift)…  current community participant.

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