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Living Inquiries Advanced Deepening Course!


I’m so pleased to announce that I will be co-leading a Living Inquiries Advanced Deepening Course starting next month!  Please read on for details.

Living Inquiries Advanced Deepening Course,
with Senior FacilitatorTrainers Lisa Meuser and Lynn Fraser

The Living Inquiries have helped thousands: Obstacles have fallen away, identities have dissolved, physical pain has subsided. Life long anxieties and other imbalances have shifted dramatically or fallen away. Freedom has been experienced for the first time, for many. Do you have a serious interest in the Living Inquiries and Natural Rest?  Are you willing to commit to four months of deepening your practice and growth? Would you like to be confident in facilitating yourself, friends and family*? If so, this Advanced Deepening Course may be exactly right for you.

Four group classes to learn and practice:

The three main Living Inquiries: Unfindable, Anxiety and Compulsion
Boomerang, Panorama and Body Identification Inquiries
Natural Rest, N.O.W and practices to release resistance
Self-facilitate all 3 inquiries including weaving and mining
Explore and support yourself in healing trauma
Facilitation skills with each other

Fifteen private facilitated sessions:
5 with Lisa, 5 with Lynn, 5 with other Certified Living Inquiries facilitators

Private Facebook group and email support
Recordings of classes and guided practices

Cost $995 with a $50 reduction for those of you who have taken a Deepening Class with either Lisa or Lynn.

Please contact us at to arrange a time to meet privately with us to discuss the course and your participation.

Group classes: November 15, December 6, January 17, February 21

Time: Noon- 1:30, EST.

*In this course, facilitating skills are taught for friends/family use and participants sign an agreement verifying they will not charge for this. If you are interested, we are happy to speak with you about Living Inquiries Facilitator training.

100 days of being turned on


I took part in a fun experiment over the last 3 or so months: #100daysofhappiness .
I often roll my eyes as such experiments. I rolled my eyes at that one too. And when I was done, I decided to do it. I didn’t know why. I’m already a happy person. But seriously, how can it possibly hurt to put more attention on happiness? Add in the curiosity factor, and it was a no brainer; anything that brings me closer to curiosity is something that I’m up for experimenting with.

The #100daysofhappiness experiment did bring me closer to curiosity. And it brought me closer to the whole arena where wonder and mystery live. Sometimes the daily post would burst out effortlessly- self evident that *this* would be the daily post. Other days I didn’t have a clue what to post. In both instances, I got to become closer to myself- to know myself more. What brings me happiness? What does such a search feel like in my body? What are the thoughts that go into such a declarative post? Sometimes the posts would surprise me. Sometimes I had great enthusiasm. Sometimes I could barely muster to give a fuck. But every day there was a post. And when the 100 days were up, the posts continued because I was enjoying it so much.

Today I walked outside my door and saw this:


Nature in general turns me on. But these drops of water on the leaves…  YES!!!! I found my whole being wake up in excitement- to see these droplets placed throughout the plant. Wanting to share with the world, I began to post a couple shots on Facebook, when my fingers typed “Water droplets turn me on. Day 1. ‪#‎100daysofbeingturnedon‬“.  Just like that, my old experiment was over, and a new one begun.

What’s different about this experiment than the last? How is being turned on all that different than being happy? The answer to the first question; I don’t know. I’ll let you know as the experiment plays out. 🙂   Answer to the second question; this experiment seems to come from a deeper place in my body. In my reality tunnel happiness for sure is something that can be experienced viscerally, but it can also be experienced quite cognitively. When i tune into what turns me on, cognitive attention seems to turns itself to the body. My senses are ready to tell me if i’m turned on, not my thoughts. So, for me this feels even more embodied. And since embodiment is my passion, I’m even *more* excited about this experiment than the last. And that… well. It turns me on.

I’d like to invite you to get turned on with me. Not sure what that really means? Read another blog post I wrote that Elephant Journal published: I wrote all about how to become turned on in that post. But believe me, that’s just the beginning. Your mission, if you choose to accept: notice what you have never noticed before about yourself on this planet. Let your attention explore freely. Please do your own #100daysofbeingturnedon. Get curious. Find out what  turns you on, and share it. Let’s get turned on together!