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Waking up to aliveness: Discovering wholeness

Waking up to aliveness: Discovering wholeness



I often hear about the following experiences from clients that go something like this: they can’t feel/they feel dead, or they feel too much/are overwhelmed by what they do feel. Said another way: there seems to be a lack of feeling, so they conclude they are broken (/something is wrong with them/other deficiency story); they feel too much so they conclude they are broken; or they should be experiencing sensations differently than how they are, so they conclude are broken. Instead of feeling connected to the/their aliveness and life force they experience disconnect or detachment. The sensations they do experienced are often perceived to be dangerous, wrong, and point to a deficient self- a person who is not good enough, not loveable, unworthy, broken, dirty, unsafe.


In this deepening course we’ll be exploring how we can connect to our present moment experience in ways that feel simple and safe. We will gently and slowly explore the realm of aliveness in our experience- sensations, energies and feelings. We’ll also be inquiring into all the thoughts and images, taking a look at what seems true, and then experiencing what’s actually true. We’ll explore barriers to experiencing wholeness, and useful resources in developing a kind relationship with our experiences.


I will be facilitating and guiding you in practices which will start to re-wire your nervous system and limbic system in ways that are profound.

You will have recordings so that you can practice on your own between class dates, which will help replace old habitual behaviors with new useful behaviors. All of this will set the stage for self-facilitation.


This course will use the Living Inquiries and guided rest practices to explore your experiences – shame, trauma, depression, anxiety, compulsions, identification, body contractions, debilitating thoughts and/or memories and more.


Let’s explore aliveness in all its vastness! Contact Lisa for more


What: An online Living Inquiries Deepening course with Senior Facilitator /Trainer Lisa Meuser


Dates changed, TBA. Starting in July.

All classes will be recorded so if you are unable to attend one, you’ll receive the recording

Where: Zoom

Cost: $425

Included: 3 X 2 hour group calls on Zoom. Six individual sessions: four with me and two with other Certified facilitators. A copy of Scott Kiloby’s ebook, Living Relationship. A private Facebook group for support and discussion. Email communication with me. Further discounted private sessions as needed.


**Note, Deepening Courses are required to be considered for Living Inquiry Facilitator Training.