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What about you?

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share blog posts, audios and videos with others. I find that free resources and information is really helpful on this path to knowing, living, experiencing more well-being.

A couple times a year I reach out to you, to find out what you’d like to read more about, what themes you’d like woven into rest recordings, and what you would like to hear me speak about (in a video or audio).

Also, just for fun… if I had time to do a deepening course or another training this year… What topic would you like it to be on? I love leading deepening courses and trainings, but have been too busy to have more than a couple a year, if that. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about future possibilities!!! Please share your dreams with me!

Please take this an invitation to share with me what you’re wanting! How can I best support you?

February Embodied Gathering: Being in the World, and Being of Love, Together

February Embodied Gathering: Being in the World, and Being of Love, Together

We live through relationship. In relationship to air and to ground, to form and the formless, we live, love and grow. A safe community is the perfect place to discover our forever created relationship with life.

Belonging, community, connection and a healthy nervous system are crucial for our well-being. We gather to become more intimate with, and more available for, our life.  For those who would like support in their journey, this is an affordable, safe option.

A safe container for us evolve together

Every day I witness immense freedom when people feel safe enough to honestly connect to their actual lived experiences. There is often immense freedom that comes when sorrows and celebrations- our stories- are allowed, named, spoken, expressed, and felt. 
Being heard in a supportive environment conveys and births a sense of embodied empowerment that is known from deep within the being. Neuropathways shift, one’s sense of safety in the world changes, and relationships with life are transformed. Possibilities we couldn’t even imagine reveal themselves.

Join me in this as we gather and explore together. Using tools and practices I have developed and learned through my trainings in holding sacred circles, I will compassionately and gently hold space as we gather together. We will use simple yet profound experiential practices to slowly and gently explore our unique lives. We may spend some time in spontaneous writing, as previous groups have found that to be deeply empowering, and yet no previous writing experience is needed. Sharing and participation will always be optional. 

These gatherings are sacred spaces where everyone is welcome. People going through their Dark Night of the Soul experiences, survivors of abuse, people who have had awakenings and want community, people struggling in their life in various ways, and/or people simply wanting connection along their journey are likely to find home in these gatherings. 

Gatherings focus on practical and experiential exercises specifically designed for the development of self-awareness, self-love, safety and a healthy nervous system. Each gathering is organically shaped around attendees’ needs and wants. Each gathering includes a guided rest, time for questions and sharing, ways to heal the nervous system, and ways to engage in self-inquiry. Participation is always optional.

In this group we honor our experiences and we learn that we don’t have to pretend, or hide, or run. We gather together in a welcoming space where we are allowed to be exactly who we are, exactly as we are, and through slow, simple experiential practices we realize that profound safety can be found right here and now.

Safety is important. Our bodies, our spirits, and our psyches function with more well-being when safety is known from within.

We live in a culture that often disempowers and creates stress, a culture that conditions us to find our well-being in people, places, and superficial activities and things – without teaching us sustainable, empowering safety from the inside out. As such, we often don’t know how to cope with existing in an overwhelming world, or how to recover from traumatic experiences. Many of us have developed post-traumatic stress as a result, and have forgotten that safety is possible.

We can learn. By providing a safe environment for this deliberate purpose, we can slowly and gently learn what it’s like to feel safe. 

We come together to find safety in our experiences and discover that we are safe – even when we have fear, trauma or loud core stories and emotions. 

All are welcome here regardless of political affiliation, sexual orientation, race, gender or background. You are important, and appreciated, whoever you are. 

Upcoming dates:

February 2, 2:30pm EDT

February 23, 8pm EDT

You can come to one, or both!  We will meet for 60-75 minutes on Zoom. Each call will be recorded, and yours to keep. Please contact me with questions, concerns or future dates: LLMEUSER@ME.COM e

Investment: Sliding scale, what you can afford – $10-25 per gathering. Anything over $20 goes to my scholarship fund. To sign up please send a PayPal payment to LLMEUSER@ME.COM, subject line “Gathering” along with your email address so I can send you a link.  

No one turned away due to insufficient funds.

Minimum participants required: 4 

Maximum: 15

From past participants:

Lisa is like a cocoon for expansion and love.  I really love working with her.  She walks her talk and creates a space for acceptance and non-judgment and I’m better able to accept and not judge myself and others.  My heart has opened in my work with her.  So grateful.  

 It is quite breathtaking to experience you working with a group; watching and listening to your communion with who-they-really-are. You have a gift, Lisa.

 You represent what Adyashanti talks about:  “A safe place for the world to come and rest.” You are that safe, benign presence in the world.

I have listened to the recording many times since our gathering. It continues to support me. 

Free with Deepening Courses. Email me for details. 

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