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So many of us are great at taking care of our clients, family members or friends. We know how to slow down and be present with them, while also being compassionate, caring, and curious. What a beautiful gift this is!


“If only I could extend that to myself,” I often hear them say.

Some of us know how to take care of others through listening, and then fixing or solving their problems. This too is a wonderful gift, potentially, however it’s not sustainable.

I often hear them say. “I am finding myself exhausted, and in caught up in urgency.”

For those of us who have been raised in certain dynamics- we became caregivers early in our lives. In centering others, and getting our identity from being caregivers, our own well-being has often been skipped over. In the process we never learned of our inherent value apart from caring for others, and we may have innocently and accidentally never known how to extend presence, love and compassion to ourselves. Moreover, we may be overwhelmed at the idea of being with own feelings, and not know who we are independent of caring for others.

It is no wonder that we wind up exhausted, and that we feel disconnected from ourselves, and sometimes even feel lost and/or in urgency with our clients.

Here’s a little about me. Well, all of the above is about me, but here’s more.

I have both yearned for connection with others and also rebelled against communities of practice because i have a bit of “don’t tell me what to do” energy in me, due to how much dysfunction I’ve been enmeshed with in my life. And yet, I have wanted to suffer less, and I want to be connected with abundance! I have wanted a life that I loved!

What I have found is that I work well with purposefully engaged practices and healthy communities that practice being in integrity- never from shame and blame but from comrade and mutual support as we learn together on this human journey. This has given me what I desire, and has brought me to knowing empowerment. That “rebel” part of me has nothing to hold on anymore, because I am in choice now. I have the tools and practices, and am in practice with people who are also in choice, and we choose and learn that path together.

A few have reached out with regards to my upcoming Exploration so i hope the above and the below will be useful in learning more.

This Exploration is immersive, as that is how neural plasticity changes most efficiency, AND it’s fluid as we all have different time/space availabilities. This course is designed to rewire, through science, practicality, intimacy and love. There has to be practicality for neural pathways and nervous systems to change, and while love just makes everything better, love and intimacy are also necessary components in nervous system rebuilding.

We begin February 20th- there are a few spots open. Learn more Here  and Here. Please reach out ASAP if you are interested. LLMEUSER@ME.COM

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