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One of my students serendipitously, and generously!, pulled out some sound bits from a podcast I did with Zhe Levels Scott last month. As I listened to the clips, I noticed how they told a story…  a story of how I’ve been developing trust with life, my whole life. 

Life changes when trust enters in. Patterns change. Fear looses its grip. And Love becomes possible to know, intimately. 

I am so looking forward to the third year of Matrix Integration Exploration. We will have some new folks, and we will have some folks who’ve been around since the beginning. Together we’ll learn, unlearn, grow, and discover. 

MIE3 isn’t a course for everyone, but if you’re feeling like it’s time that you develop a trusting relationship with life, then it might just be your time. 

Enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with me, through these clips!
(Listen to the whole podcast here!)


Clip #1  Heart norms or capitalistic norms?

Zhe had just asked me about my time living in an ashram… that led up to creating my own therapeutic modality. 



Clip #2 Living in Integrity 

In this clip, we chat about how having tools/practices from the heart, which allow us to be engaged participants in our own lives


Clip #3 Practices of the Heart

In this clip, Zhe reads an impact statement ftom an MIE2 student, and then we talk about how important it is to be clear on if we are living the life that aligns with who we are

Clip #5 MIE3: Discovering Trust with Life

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