Embodiment Deepening Course!

Why do I feel great while meditating, but awful while engaged in life? Why is living a struggle? Why is feeling a sensation so difficult? How can I make peace with the body? Why is it so easy to go “up and out” as opposed to “in and down”? Why am I experiencing such difficulty post-awakening? What does it mean to “be in the body”? Why is it so easy to be in “oneness” but I have such a hard time in life? What is this thing I keep hearing about- embodiment?

Embodiment is about being in this body, fully, in the present. In the Embodiment Deeping Course we’ll be journeying together to explore those and other questions. We’ll be taking an honest look at what is moving through this thing called life, in that which you’re housed in—the body. We’ll be engaging with it, and in it. We’ll be inquiring into all the thoughts, images, sensations—and taking a look at what seems true, and then experiencing what’s actually true. Particularly important, we’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the bodily sensations and energies that arise.

This course will use the Living Inquiries and guided rest/practices to explore whatever your experiences are- depression, anxiety, compulsions, identification, body contractions, debilitating thoughts and/or memories and more. You will get to experience the different inquiries first hand, and be able to learn self-inquiry as well.


As Scott Kiloby said recently “Are you ready to throw out all of the glamorizing of the future as a promised land and to really be here in the now in a way that is curious more than anything else? Just curious and open, not seeking to end being human, but opening into being even more human (bold mine)?”

Let’s explore embodiment, in all its vastness! Contact Lisa for more information: llmeuser@me.com

What: An online Living Inquiries Deepening course with Senior Facilitator /Trainer Lisa Meuser

When:  November 2, 9, and 16: Sundays 7-9 pm EST.

(If you cannot make the dates or times, please let me know and we’ll try to work something out.)

Where: Skype

Cost: $425

Included: 3x two hour group skype calls. Six individual sessions: four with me and two with other Certified facilitators. A copy of Scott Kiloby’s ebook, Living Relationship. A private Facebook group for support and discussion. Email communication with me.

*Deepening courses are a pre-requisite for Living Inquiries facilitator training.

For more information about me, visit my blog, where I write almost exclusively about embodiment,  or visit my website

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