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“my heart is burning, my body trembling. I am grateful and I have grief.

so much realness these days. so much owning my humanity- particularly the parts of my humanity that are deep in seedling stage. so much learning, so much humility.  I desire to stay slow. I desire, in that slowness, to remember. I am grateful for those who hold space for my seedlingness. for the learning parts of me. for the insecure and vulnerable expressions. I am grateful for those who love me, no matter what my own narratives are about myself. I am grateful for those who love me as I am. and grateful that I am learning learning learning to hold my inner seedling with care, with respect, with tender care. My inner seedling is not weak, nor a deficiency. She is has courage, and deep wisdom. She is rich with life, and is a mystery among mysteries.”

That was from a fast write in our last live MIE2 call, and it somewhat summarizes life for me these days, in a world where there is massive change happening Those close to me know I have been deep diving into familial, relationship and identity patterning, and it has been both beautiful and harrowing. I am grateful for my communities of practice; we are all doing our own kind of authentic explorations. We support each other by witnessing, loving, holding, co-creating together. Liberation happens in relationship.

We’re just now approaching Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This is time to be conscious of what we’re letting go of, what we’re arising out of, and what we’re embracing as we arise.

What are you ready to let go of?

What are you waking up from?

What are you ready to embrace/wake up to?

These questions are meant to be contemplated from your being. Give yourself the gift of time and space as you dream into where you are in your life. Feel the edges of your vulnerability and expansion. Feel the uncertainty, and the growing depth of knowing.

I am grateful that we are growing our seeds together. If you’re looking for places to be with others on your journey, check out here, here, and here. We grow, learn, and love in community. 

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