Upcoming Deepening Course: The innocent web of trauma and addiction

Love addiction is so pervasive across our culture- it’s the air we breath. How could it not be when our culture itself has toxic relationships with love- and that we associate with it. From our earliest days we innocently learn and engage in unhealthy behaviors in attempts to feel love, escape from love, or “have,” love. Acknowledging these toxic dynamics can be powerfully freeing once spotted and journeyed through.

A hiding place for love addiction can often be spotted in spirituality as we attempt to find belonging, specialness, and wholeness. This can lead to
*incessant and desperate spiritual seeking
*pedastalling teachers
*wanting or claiming to be a “special” teacher (pedastalling self)

Other hiding spots include substance abuse, technology use (facebook/phone/tv and/or movie watching, gaming), seclusion and/or isolation, exercise,  thinking/ trying to control through the mental realm, gambling, shopping, work, eating, sex and/or porn, or anything which acts as an escape from experiencing healthy intimacy with self, other and life.

There is nothing wrong, bad or inherently shameful about being a love addict/having an unhealthy relationship with love. It’s innocently created as we are born needing love and connection, while simultaneously often lacking the support and role modeling needed to identify what is and what isn’t lov(ing). Discovering the true essence of love is an innocent and profound aspect of this human journey.

I will be having a deepening course in the next couple months which will explore the web of addiction and trauma. It will be open to anyone on this authentic journey of discovering peace amidst the challenges of being fully human. Specific times and dates will be released soon- will be in February and March.

Please let me know if you’re interested or have questions!  llmeuser@me.com

For more information on trauma and addiction: https://www.thefix.com/dr-gabor-mate-trauma-underlying-stigma-addiction-interview

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