Our Sacred Stories; Honoring Wounds, Honoring Love: A Deepening Course 

Our Sacred Stories; Honoring Wounds, Honoring Love: A Deepening Course 

Our stories may be different, and yet they are all sacred. 

It has taken my whole life to fully understand that that wounds and their corresponding stories are to be honored. I now experience wounds, and the stories of wounds, as sacred, grace filled, and also as the way Home.  In this deepening course we will explore our sacred stories, in ways that feel safe to us, in a way that we choose. 

Shame kept my stories hidden, from myself and from others.

This hiding was often retraumatizing in that repression is oppressive, and oppression traumatizes. Telling my stories had the opposite effect. Telling my stories, first to myself, and then, when it felt safe, with another, had a liberating influence that left me feeling a sense of real empowerment – maybe for the first time in my life. 

Naming and believing my stories was deep work and took courage in that it was often counter-intuitive based on all the strategies I’d learned to keep silent, and more so, to pretend. It was profoundly healing to be in my own truth, after giving it away for so long. For me, being in the compassionate company of others was an immensely important part of the healing process.  

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

It is crucial that as we heal from our wounds, we find safe spaces and safe people who listen to and believe in our stories – to our sacred, lived experiences. This produces a beautiful fertile ground “for the Light to come in.” Your stories are the hallowed ground of your being, and will be fully honored in our sacred and carefully created container. 

Every day I witness immense freedom when people feel safe enough to honestly connect to their stories – to their actual lived experiences instead of the pretend life they held onto in their minds.  There is often immense freedom that comes when stories and wounds are allowed, named, spoken, expressed, and felt.  It is something far beyond what the linear mind understands, and births a sense of empowerment that is known from deep within the being. Neuropathways shift, one’s sense of safety in the world changes, and relationships with life are transformed. Possibilities we couldn’t even imagine reveal themselves. 

To read more of my journey in how sharing my sacred stories changed my life, please read my blog post.

A Safe Container for us Evolve Together

Join me in this course as we explore together. Using tools and practices I have developed and learned through my training in holding sacred circles, I will compassionately and gently journey with you as you safely get to know your stories, your wounds, and the Love that holds it all. We will use simple yet profound writing and experiential practices to slowly and gently explore our unique lives. No previous writing experience needed. Sharing and participation will be optional.

This course and your private 1:1 sessions will utilize gentle embodied experiential practices designed to safely explore your various experiences – shame, depression, anxiety, compulsions, identities, body contractions, debilitating thoughts and/or memories and more. You will become familiar with the nervous system, vigilance centers, the fight-flight-freeze-feign responses, and attachment theory. You will learn profound ways to support and be kind and loving with your self, just as you are, without needing to pretend or be different. I will be facilitating and guiding you in practices which will start to re-wire your nervous system and limbic system in ways that are sustainable and profound. Lastly, you will get to experience the different inquiries first hand, and be able to practice skills for learning how to self-inquire.

I will be utilizing a myriad of tools and practices, some of which will be my own, while others will be from my role as a student of the Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington Conscious Feminine Leadership Training.

You will have recordings so that you can practice on your own between class dates, which will help replace old habitual behaviors with new useful behaviors. All of this will set the stage for deeper self-intimacy and knowing, with compassion and love.

Course Information:

When: Group sessions will be August 18, August 25, and September 8, 3pm-5pm EST

Where:  This is an online course. I use Zoom, which is similar to Skype. You can attend from anywhere in the world using a phone, iPad type of device, or computer.

What: On top of the 3 group sessions, you will receive a total of six individualfacilitations: Four with Senior Facilitator Trainer Lisa Meuser and two facilitations with Certified Living Inquiries Facilitators. The investment is a sliding scale of $550-$650. This counts as a prerequisite for applying for the Living Inquiries facilitator training. Please contact me if you only want to attend the course without the private sessions.

All classes will be recorded so if you are unable to attend one, you’ll receive the recording. Also included in the course will be multiple natural rest and guided rest audios and videos, and a private FB group for participants to share and receive support.

Scholarship spots available by application as a part of my commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Also included is free attendance to the August and September Embodied Gatherings. (Dates and Times TBA). Read about the July Gatherings here.

Space is limited. First offering will be towards current clients and Gathering participants. The container of this group is extremely important to me. All participates will be required to fill out a brief application. This will likely be my last Deepening Course of 2019.

Please email me for questions. llmeuser@me.com

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