Support your nervous system


“Nervous system first!”


I find those words, or that sentiment, in my attention a lot. Clients who want to explore into their thoughts, behaviors, or past trauma often want to “get to business”- they want to do the deep core issue/trauma work I’m known for. Which is great! However, sometimes in order to do the deep work, we have to support the deep infrastructure of our being- the nervous system.

The efficiency of our human mechanism depends on a healthy nervous system. Our left and right brains, our physiology, or hormones-  everything functions better for our human selves when our nervous systems are in homeostasis.  If we’re in a state of terror, or fight flight freeze or feign, our nervous systems are triggered, and our brain is not running at full capacity, and nor is our physiology.

So the first step- when we feel a little or a lot “out of whack” is to tend to our nervous systems. Otherwise we become more frustrated, less capable, and wind up with a more stressed out nervous system.

The attached recording is a 15 minute snippet from a recent session.  We connect in such a way as to support my client’s nervous system. Taking care of the nervous system sets the stage for kindness and compassion for one self, for a healthy human mechanism, and for the capacity/ability to do deep inner looking.

As much as we’d like to just jump to the deep inner looking, we can’t when our nervous systems are in a state of terror. Do yourself a favor- be kind to yourself and take care of yourself in this most elemental way. The impact can be profound. Life can look completely different once our nervous systems are soothed.

Please help yourself to downloading this recording. Push pause on the recording any time you’d like more time to rest. I’d love to hear your feedback! On behalf of your body, thanks for taking care of you. xxx

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