Women Journey Together


A deepening course, Just for women.
Women often request “women’s only” deepening courses. This makes sense because culture impacts the genders differently and sometimes it makes sense to create a distinct container especially built to honor these differences. We will give space to explore expressions which are often considered “taboo” in culture: anger, shame, guilt, sadness, pleasure and the various ways these expressions show up: mothering, how we were parented, sex/sexuality, relationship, career, body image, compulsions/addictions, etc.  We will use this shared space for participants to share, explore, listen and be present with each other. Verbal participation in the group is strictly optional.


The Living Inquiries and Natural Rest are helpful in creating a lived experience of safety. We will be exploring our experiences by utilizing the Living Inquiries, the N.O.W. practice, natural rest, breathing techniques, and body movement. We will engage in certain exercises so that you will be able to safety engage in the bounty of aliveness that flows through your being. We will also explore and become familiar with the nervous system, our vigilance centers, the fight flight freeze response, and ways to support and be kind and loving with our selves. Through honing our skills of attention, you will learn to able to be with your experiences rather then turn away from them. Lastly, you will practice skills for learning how to self-inquire. This will truly be a room of our own, to discover our journeys as women.


Dates of the Course:
Oct 30, Nov 13, Dec 4: 12-2pm EST

This is an on-line course. I use zoom, which is similar to Skype. You can attend from anywhere in the world using a phone, iPad type of device, or computer!
On top of the 3 group sessions, you will receive a total of six individual facilitations: Four with Senior Facilitator Trainer Lisa Meuser and two facilitations with Certified Living Inquiries facilitators.

All classes will be recorded so if you are unable to attend one, you’ll receive the recording. Also included in the course will be multiple natural rest and guided rest audios and videos, A pdf copy of Scott Kiloby’s Living Relationship book, and a private FB group for participants to share and receive support.

Please email me for questions. llmeuser@me.com

Cost $425. This counts as a prerequisite for Living Inquiries facilitator training.


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