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May your heart, mind and spirit unite together in welcoming Solstice!

In the northern hemisphere, Solstice is literally celebrating a return of the sun. From this day forward, the days slowly become lighter and longer: the darkest of winter has passed (even if the temperatures continue to be cold). As such, I often think of Solstice as a cross between a celebration of the change of the seasons, and welcoming the upcoming year, where what lies ahead is unknown, and what was the past lies behind. This is a time when the sun rises out of the darkness, and we have the opportunity to as well.

This is a significant time to pause and take stock. To do this we  slow down, find our center/our Being, and ask ourselves curiously questions such as; What have we been journeying with- in the darkness of the last quarter, and over the last year? What lessons have we learned? Where have we fumbled or gotten stuck? What went well, and helped us evolve? Where/what would we like to deepen into in the upcoming year, and what might help us with that?

I think of these questions as ways to discern what I’d like to be present to, or said another way, what I’d like to give my attention to, in the upcoming year. This is a contemplation that warrants devoted time and space so that we can step out of the shadows of shoulds, supposed tos, and what others are up to or want from us- and lean closer into the wisdom that is ours to connect with and draw from.

We can be as specific or broad as we’d like, but I find it useful to stay simple and practical when I am setting intentions, otherwise it can tend to be a disembodied intention. After all, embodiment is practical, if nothing else. And simple is often the most profound.

Being conscious in this way- through our somatic beings- is a powerful way to honor ourselves and our lives. Please take some time to slow down and give yourself time and space-  journaling, meditating/an embodied rest, conscious somatic breathing, a connected walk in nature, conscious somatic movement, a bon fire, small conscious social gatherings with sincere exploration and/or cooking foods that have a resonance for you are some common ways to celebrate during this time.  

Enjoy yourself and have fun! This is a special time to contemplate your personal unique sacred journey. Knowing you are a part of something more than just your small self, and that your human participation is required, allow yourself to tap into humility and empowered commitment. Honor what you have traversed through, and name your intentions for what you’d like to step into. In doing so you connect with what is important to you, as well as what you’d like to deepen into. Set aside some time to ask questions, listen with your whole self, learn, and move forward into the light!

Is this all new for you? There is so much available waiting for you. Let 2023 be your year.

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