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Slow Unfoldings


This morning, a scent grabbed me,

nuzzling a part of me that

had been slumbering

all these winter months.

In a split second,

this flower,

and all her itty bitties,

woke me up.

A paradise of scientific

exploration then moved into

visual discovery: the bud on the tree

saying hello! as she slowly opened.

Around the corner

the tree is full

of cylinders pushing outwards,

in just the right pacing.

Look! See?

The unfolding


co-conspiring of

life. The timing is impeccable.

Life exploding everywhere.

It feels magical,

these revealing’s

taking place



This is not unlike me

and my

slow openings



I watch the slow, steady

pace of nature.

I see you, I am

paying attention.

Thank you.


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