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The month of April is NaPoWriMo! and so i’ll be writing a poem every day this month, most often using the prompts they offer, each day.  This year I decided to share them here on the blog. 

Poem #1: Prompt: try to write a poem based on a book cover: We Will Not Cancel Us


we don’t cancel us,

in the future.

we can’t afford to, and

our coding has learned

not to.

our life is circled around

a slowed-down-way,

ushering in we-ness.

our practices, simple

yet deep.

inclusion of breath, body,

the beyond…

always in remembering.
dreams shared, the awake kind, and

from sleep. 

pain and joy

given seats at

the table large enough

for all.

adherence to the

laws of nature.

the blue jay calls

we pause.

the wind yawls

we listen.

someone is hungry

we act.

we will not cancel us-

our unspoken truth.



poem #2: Prompt:  surrealist questions and answers, make a poem of the answers.

Look to the center of a bird’s chest.

The unseen is more true than the seen.

At the very center lies the dna blueprint.

Look to the stars, and the space between them.

I am like the warming sun after a cold swim.





Poem #3: Prompt: Find a shortish poem that you like, and rewrite each line, replacing each word (or as many words as you can) with words that mean the opposite.

i am running into a new year, Lucille Clifton




I am stuck out of the past

the new years hold forward

like stale air

that I can’t hold onto

like a weak grasp like

none of my new lies and

it won’t be easy to grasp

what you didn’t say to yourself

about yourself

when you were old

and less old and less old than that

even less old but

I am stuck out of the past

and I don’t care about what I hate and

I stay to unforgive me.




poem #4: Prompt: write a triolet (a certain kind of poem formation)


Come on inside, when you’re ready.

depth is awaiting, a resting place.

The breath will take you, slow and steady,

come on inside, when you’re ready.

Maybe a burn, a grip, some grace

the spinning stops, and you are tended.

Come on inside, when you’re ready.

depth is awaiting, a resting place.




Poem 6: Prompt : a poem in a language you don’t know,  thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem.

inspired by Bernardim Ribeiro’s In the Face of So much Change  (original below)


Another tomorrow, sound

courses through the square,

divining experiences,

the tao settles all

A concrete jungle disengaged,

you, and me, we tango into the night

fast, and then slow

we flow, just like the tao

yes, and now we’re paired sound,

within a maze within a square

we cry, through our experience

there’s no denying, we’re within adventure



Antre tamanhas mudanças
que cousa terei segura
duvidosas esperanças
tão certa desaventura

Venham estes desenganos
do meu longo engano e vão
que já os tempos e os anos
outros cuidados me dão

Já não sou para mudanças
mais quero uma dor segura
vá crer as vãs esperanças
quem não sabe o que em aventura


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