Reconnecting with our Bodies: A Journey of Allowance

A question was sent to me:

“I feel I’ve often confused and conflated the two: What is the difference between stillness and frozenness? What is the difference between peace and playing dead?”

I love this question! While there may be a simple response to this question, there’s also a lot going on in this conflation. I’m going to give it a shot, knowing there is so much to say on this deep and rich topic. 

Humans need support


Rest in the Gap

When we stop to rest, to see what’s here, sometimes what we find is nothing, or the perception of space. Suddenly it’s quiet, as opposed to the chaos we’re used to. Sometimes, when we find no-thing, quiet, we get scared because we want to find something- something that we think means… well, something. Because we live in a thing based and a thing filled reality, finding no-thing or quiet can be disturbing.

22 Jul 2017

Making Peace with Peacemaking

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a recovering peacemaker.


There’s not a 12 step program exclusively for peacemakers, but you can be sure that at every 12 step meeting, in every recovery program, peacemakers and recovering peacemakers will be present. And while being addicted to peacemaking may not have the same stigma or even consequences as being addicted to drugs, sex or gambling, there’s definitely a cost.


If you’re unfamiliar with peacemakers, here are some traits: