Lisa’s Breath

There is a theatrical performance/movie going on inside my body. I could title mine “Lisa’s breath”.

If I stop and go inward, and bring my attention to my breath, and then to the sensations “under” the in and out breaths, I will discover hundreds if not thousands subtle “goings ons”.


The Ever Changing You

I’ve been particularly enamored by the trees this fall. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and I have enjoyed watching the gradual shift of colors over time. One of my favorite bits of eye candy are trees with multiple colors. For example, the above trees have green at the bottom, then yellow, into orange, and finally red at the top. I love the variety and expression of colors! I wonder, would the trees ever judge themselves for being so varied and expressive? I have no idea if trees think in this way, but I sure notice that we humans do.