You Can Be Yourself

Just a sentence that conveyed so much. My heart swelled, and it transmitted something deep into my being: Just be yourself Lisa. "You can really, really, just be yourself."

Seeing Beyond the Curtain

As I type this I am reminded of all the spiritual "wake ups" that I have had in my life. Each time "I" would be blown open I'd find myself in some of the same dynamics as shared above. Waking up to the truths of culture is no different, as we are opened to Seeing a truth beyond what had been presented to us as real. When we are willing to listen, learn, and be a part of the never-ending co-creation of life, the curtains will always continue to part, revealing More. This is the journey of life... we grow and expand... and the journey never ends.

Exploring into Purpose

Purpose came up today in 3 client sessions.  What a rich topic to explore! I feel gratitude of having the opportunity to journey into this a territory as it feels very sacred to me.


In a culture seeped in the oppressive dominant narrative (ODN), it can be hard to connect to purpose, for many reasons, and so I have deep compassion for how we may feel confliction around this topic.