The Gift of Consciously Connecting to Anger, aka Social Justice, Heart-Work, and Evolution Part 1.5

“Everything’s going pretty well in my life, but I feel **so much anger! **” “I can’t get past how much anger I feel! I want to feel better, but I am stuck.” “How can I **not** be angry, have you seen what’s going on in the world?” “Being angry is a negative emotion and now is not the time to be negative.”


The feedback from “Social Justice, Heart-Work, and Evolution. Part 1, of 2” had 1 of 3 flavors, generally speaking.


Anger: The Black Sheep of the Emotional Family

I’ve been doing a bit of a study on anger and other related concepts lately. For me this means exploring the thoughts and sensations I’ve attributed to it. I’m left wondering, could anger be the most widely misunderstood expression/emotion?