Open Your Door to Clarity

It’s hard to have clarity when there is withholding/dishonesty/an unnamed elephant in the room hoovering about.


This is what dropped in, this morning. But first, let me take a step back.


“I don’t like conflict,” someone shared with me last night.  Wondering aloud, I said- “I wonder what it would be like to consider it as connecting with clarity, as opposed to conflict.”



Allowance - connecting with “and/both” Inbox

Inspired by a participant who wanted to learn how to be with discomfort more… In this 23 min rest we gently deepen into ourselves, discovering the territory “and/both.” To do so, we slow down and curiously explore the multitudes of expressions and experiences we are having. This rest is designed to bring full participation of your brain and nervous system in ways that support your well-being.