Opening up to the senses

Connecting to our senses may help break our minds free of debilitating thought cycles. This 28 minutes rest gently and curiously introduces us to our senses in ways that are simple and effortless, waking us up to new and curious experiences, teaching us that it’s safe to be more connected to our bodies. 


Seeking to Know Life

Seeking from our mind is often an endless ride on a hamster wheel. Seeking from our being is part of our inheritance as a living being.

Each living thing has something within it that drives it to grow, to evolve- to go from what was, into newness. This movement to “life” is inherent within existence itself. In plants and animals we simply call it maturing, or growing. In human beings we can connect with it as aspect of “a me” wanting to know a greater sense of Me-ness. We may call it seeking: a seeking of life wanting to know itself in/as Life.


The Beginnings and Endings of Forever

July 2017

It seems that there are a lot experiencing pain today in my world. I am sending big hugs and love to all of you-to all of us. Particularly if you’re in overwhelm, and feel as though the pain you’re experiencing is just too much.