Life’s weaving as HerSelf 

I will be writing a poem per day during the month of April, and will be studying the Kybalion during the month of April. They wove together to create this:   


Life’s weaving as HerSelf 


warmth saturates the insides of my mouth,

jettisons into my spine, springing



a roaming entourage of

rolling sensations

spreads into my shoulder blades,

and across my back. Helloooooooo

orgasmic flow.


shimmering, shooting!,


outwards through limbs.


Are You Connected with Your Orgasm?

“How do we live, love, suck, f*ck and liberate ourselves? How come we’re not talking about sex or desire anymore in relationship to liberation?” Cara Page. 


Those who have been in my life for a long time may remember my posts of #100daysofbeingturnedon, #100daysoforgasm and other posts about being connected to the pleasure of beingness.  In those days I spoke more openly about sexuality, being turned on, and orgasm as a transformative power, so to speak.



Learning How to Regulate our Nervous Systems so We Can Know Well-Being

I recently read about a client “listening to his gut.” This is such tricky territory for many reasons. Not only do most of us not have a healthy relationship with our somatic systems (ie bodies), our guts and our intuition have been dominated by oppressive narratives for thousands of years. Yes, thousands of years. If we’re not aware of the oppressive narratives that we’re seeped in, then intuition and “gut” level responses will most often be coming from there, which means they will be largely be guided by the survival part of the brain, ie rooted in fear.