Trust the details of Love

I am not supposed to know details.

Where I came from,

when she died,

what they escaped,

what came before,

or how I came to be

this here now.



and yet to See

the land of a person’s blood

where it leaked from

and where it is going to,



the laylines of a person’s soul


by means

I don’t understand


haven’t “earned”.



a gift given,

a blessing issued,

presenting me with a job


Reconnecting with our Bodies: A Journey of Allowance

A question was sent to me:

“I feel I’ve often confused and conflated the two: What is the difference between stillness and frozenness? What is the difference between peace and playing dead?”

I love this question! While there may be a simple response to this question, there’s also a lot going on in this conflation. I’m going to give it a shot, knowing there is so much to say on this deep and rich topic. 

Humans need support