Re-wiring to Discover a New Reality

If we want something different, then we have to connect to and introduce something new. Old patterning can keep us from connecting to that which is new, even if we want it more than anything, so in our time together it is our job to see what’s possible in introducing newness.

Upcoming Retreat: We Can Know Love

(EDITED: updated post!) 


My heart is swelling.

I was to come to Amsterdam the Spring of 2020 to facilitate a retreat.

Just as the details were being formed, we got the news.

One of the many disappointments of Covid-19 was the realization that I wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.



Loving Large in a World that Wants to Control Love

I am enlivened, inspired, and expanded by these connections that take me deeper into the unknown. It is here that I am undone as I find more: vulnerability, awkwardness, pleasure, discomfort, bliss, and fulfillment. My world is opening, and I am letting integrity and my practices (and my community of practice) guide me all the way.