The Playground of Life

This is a little area tucked back into the woods that I love to visit. It’s transformed over the years, significantly this past year when a big tree fell, and settled into what had been more of an empty space of swamp.

When I visit, I see the dance of all aspects of life.

There is death, decay… there is hibernation of plants in their dormant phases... and there is the deep green of life.

All of this is within a small area of land.


Waking out of oppressive matrixes, inside and out, into Love

Transform yourself to transform the world… Grace Lee Boggs



What’s going on?

Across the world, cities are coming alive with awakenings. These are important times, perhaps what Joanna Macy calls the “great turning.” Some have been on this path for a while, and for others it is rather new. Regardless, as always, we will need each other to learn from, share with, and lean on. Together we will evolve. Together we will wake up.



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