August and September Embodied Gathering: Let’s Get Real

It is crucial, especially in times such as these, that as we find safe spaces and safe people who listen to and believe in our stories - to our sacred, lived experiences. Your experiences are the hallowed ground of your being and will be fully honored in our sacred and carefully created container.


We get real in this group. What does that mean?  It means we show up as we are, with whatever is going on for us- our joys, our struggles, our tears, and/or our laughter. It’s all welcome here.



Respecting our Humanity

In this 20 minute guided rest you are invited to connect with your humanity. The follow text will be read to you:

“Fear and craving and hatred and clinging are deep emotional protections against the unknown that enabled us to survive over millions of years of evolution, and while we need to see how they hold us back, and learn how to overcome them – individually and collectively – we shouldn’t pathologize them. We actually need to respect them.”   -Jesse Maceo Vega Frey -


Earthseed Octavia E. Butler

This is a 17 minute rest from a gathering based on Octavia E. Butler’s poem, Earthseed. Know that in using the word God, she is referring to that which is wiser than ourself.