Connecting with "What's simple now?" as a way to slow down and regulate

In this 20 minute rest we take our time to slowly and gently explore with what’s simple as a way to slow down. Slowing down is often counterintuitive so we need to learn ways to do so that feel safe. Slowing down is not easy, *and* is crucial for the functioning of our brain and nervous systems, and for the allowance of our vagal nervous system to know well being.


Learning how to co regulate with ourselves and the present moment

Inspired by my daughter heading off to college, I explore how we can help ourselves co-regulate with ourselves and our experience when we're feeling challenged by engaging cognitive conscious.

This video is resourced in Vagal nerve health and is designed to teach our brains and somatic systems how to safely orient to this moment.


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Allowance - connecting with “and/both” Inbox

Inspired by a participant who wanted to learn how to be with discomfort more… In this 23 min rest we gently deepen into ourselves, discovering the territory “and/both.” To do so, we slow down and curiously explore the multitudes of expressions and experiences we are having. This rest is designed to bring full participation of your brain and nervous system in ways that support your well-being.