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Applications are now Available for the Matrix Integration Exploration 2024: Learn More

Is it ok to say… to admit…

I’ve been enjoying my full-on engagement with life so much that I haven’t gotten around to a formal promotional for Matrix Integration Exploration (MIE) which will begin in April of 2024!

Phew. That’s me being transparent. Yup:  I’m quite “behind.”  Truly, I love teaching MIE so much. I love everything about it as it connects me so much to what I know is possible when we come together in consciously created community.

I usually begin promoting in the fall… and here we are, almost in winter!

There *will* be a more detailed post coming… For now, you can read the descriptions of past Matrix Integration Explorations here and here, and particularly here as the practical components that are in bullet points towards the end of the description for 2023 will be very similar for 2024 (including the cost and the duration of 8 months).

For now…

Get to know me a little through this short video that I did spontaneously one afternoon, where I share 

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I doing with this amazingly precious life? 
  • Who am I doing it with?

◆Get to know the impact MIE has had on participants by reading two testimonials from a couple people in MIE2023.

“This last year has brought significant challenges and raised a lot of fears, and having this community and the encouragement to be consistently engaging in these practices has allowed me to move through life and relationships with more confidence and resources of inner security and outer support. Somatic work deepens my capacity to heal from trauma and to emerge from its long-term impacts on my nervous system and personal/professional life. Over the course of MIE, I’ve so clearly witnessed the impact of these simple practices and this welcoming community, strengthening my tolerance for change and expanding my capacity to engage in a more peaceful and fulfilling daily life.”


“When I first met Li, it changed my life because I had never been offered so much compassionate space and support- someone who just believed in me and didn’t tell me I was too much.

Some understanding of what it is to be a human being, and especially a human being in relationship with others, has changed since I began MIE. And, this learning extends and expands out into the community context. It is slowly and steadily sinking into my system that there are humans that I can be with without having to mask, without having to keep it together for everyone, and without having to feel embarrassed about being cringe when I feel deeply.

In the beginning of MIE there was still so much shame and performance fear when being in the community spaces. Now, my system regulates just by knowing there will be a gathering.

Knowing there is a space where I won’t be judged, where I am asked for consent and accepted unconditionally is changing everything. Being in  the MIE community is changing the way I bring compassion to myself. I also feel so much more secure just being in the world, knowing that I have MIE community support whenever I need it.”


◆Get to know some of what you will learn through Matrix Integration Exploration 2024

  1. Learn how consistent simple practices within a consistent community can produce consistent impacts on your capacity to engage with life
  2. Learn how to stay with yourself and your feelings / sensations/ comforts and discomforts throughout life’s happenings 
  3. Learn how to engage with your desires and fears in grounded and more stabilizing and empowering ways that honor you and allow you to participate in your own life in the ways that you want
  4. Learn the neuroscience of co-regulation, mindfulness and embodied somatic presence, how they are all related to trauma, and how engage with them in simple ways throughout your day that work for you (and your neurotype)
  5. Learn how to define your own metrics of happiness, meaning and success that are empowering for you
  6. Learn how to separate from the dominant oppressive narrative we’ve all been educated in and which often leave us stuck in judgment of self and other
  7. Learn how slowing down to somatically get clarity with your past traumas can open you up for more intimacy with yourself, others, and life
  8. Learn embodied somatic practices and have a safe container in which to share your evolving journey through practice with dedicated community members.

Please reach out directly if you’d like to connect with me and learn more!

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