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imagining, no not imagining,

actively engaging

with the moment in it’s

     inherent newness 


without the burden of recalling a past experience and 

overlapping it onto this one…

     can I feel this breath breathe me

          …like it’s the first time

                 I am being breathed


your hand on my back 

     like my back has never experienced

          a hand 

                like my back has never

                         known touch.


breathing each other’s air

with all the time in the world 

     no where to get to 

            nothing past that moment to achieve 


to stay in that exchange and not succumb to 

minds’ barking orders

or some other 

seeming command that 

mimics urgency 


I let myself 

     fall into shared breath 

           over and over 

a new canvas 

     with each inhalation 

a new exhalation 

     painting the next 

             new canvas 


a fire filled me in that slowness 

in the 


in allowing it to be a 

     completely new moment 

             each moment 


I felt the fighting inside  

to get to the next moment 

to move to another experience 


I stayed 

we stayed 

over and over

     we stayed 

             the sun coming up 

     over and over again 

             for the first time 


life goes on 

the roar of the mind continues to 

tap me on the shoulder and I 

remind myself that 


          we are breathing each other’s breath 

               always for the first time

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