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"Learning more about embodiment practices and the nervous system has really shifted things for me. Learning to have dual awareness was really helpful (and hard in the beginning), but once I caught on it was amazing. I am able to feel grounded and sit with discomfort at the same time. Something I could never do before. And WOW!!! What used to be so overwhelming suddenly became "Okay, I can do this. I can feel this and be okay"

Anonymous Client
January 25, 2022

Restoring Integrity

January 25, 2022 in Embodiment, Relationships, Shame

Restoring Integrity

The phrase “eat crow” came into my attention this morning. I’m not sure if it’s a phrase I grew up with, but I certainly was raised with the sentiment (and…
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January 20, 2022 in Embodiment, Relationships, Self-Love

New Life through Communities of Practice

When we have healthy Communities of Practice, our nervous system and psyches learn that although we may have experienced great harm in our lives, the entirety of the world and…
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January 18, 2022 in Embodiment

Writing as a Tool of Discovery and Transformation

Do you remember your first experiences of using writing as a tool to digest life? When I dream into this question, I see my teenage self at my grandparents’ house,…
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