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Emotional negligence or other kinds of abuse, makes for a busy brain.

For any survivor there is a learned vigilant preoccupation of mental attention on others, as well as a needed fixation on mentally (and sometimes physically ) managing self and mentally (and sometimes physically) managing others.

All of this means that we’re very mentally oriented, and not very connected with the simplicity of our bodies- of just being- because we haven’t had the luxury of space to just be.

As we age and our situations and capacities change, and do have more safety to be, but we won’t know how because managing is what we have known, and have relied upon, and trusted.

This is what makes somatic therapy/practices/ exploration a life changer, as learning how to include and then center our whole selves is the hardest thing in the word for a survivor.

Learning the art of reclaiming attention in our wholeness changes everything. Bit by bit we learn we can drop attention out of mental managing and into our breathing bodies. The space of being opens up, as does our relationship with life.

Matrix Gathering, our upcoming new hybrid group, is designed for those of us who struggle to remember our whole selves- who find ourselves innocently fixated on others, while not knowing how to be *in* our own self. Together we will unlearn our habitual behaviors and thoughts that are oriented towards fear and separation and, through experiential practices that will rewire our neural pathways and nervous systems, discover that we can learn to orient to wellness and abundance in the present moment. 

Simple mind/body practices, which help to regulate the brain and nervous system, that shift our conditioned ways of responding within self and in life. Co-created agreements which hold space for neural diversity and depth of lived experience.  A closed container that is held in deep integrity, where we learn and discover and deepen together. Values that move us beyond the dominant oppressive narrative into transformative wisdom. Sharing, listening, relating

This course will be limited to approximately 20 people, with current and past clients and students getting first option. To apply or ask questions: email me LLMEUSER@ME.COM. If you are already a client or student, you can sign up by sending payment via PayPal using the same addy, or venmo @Lisa-Meuser-1, with content paid for in the memo section.  To read more about the details of the upcoming Matrix Gathering, please read here.

Trying to discern if this is for you? Read more here. 

From current community members: 

“I used to think the cure to dissociation was hard to find and complicated, would take years of healing etc. This morning I realized that for me it is simply a default feeling that I can choose to get out of instantly. Just by (using the practices) and “checking in,” simply. It’s so simple it is elusive often. Snapping out of dissociation doesn’t mean all my problems are solved, but (shifts my experience)…  Current community member.

“The practices have motivated me to make so many changes in my life. I’ve found a way to regulate in difficult circumstances in ways I hadn’t been able to.” …current community member

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