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Applications are now Available for the Matrix Integration Exploration 2024: Learn More

I’ve got a new course, starting in April! 


Be Who You Are: Living as an Empowered Participant in Your Life

I’m feeling excited about facilitating this year’s 8 month Matrix Integration Exploration (MIE). I’ll be presenting you with offerings that blend practical and embodied somatic techniques, brain and nervous system rewiring, 1:1 somatic exploring/therapy, group journeying, and an online platform where we can collectively share our insights and discoveries. Together, we’ll explore the potential for choosing co-regulated, engaged, and mindful living in a way that works for you, emphasizing the core values of presence, compassion, consent, and curiosity.  Throughout this journey, you will be supported in discovering how you can live your life as an empowered participant in your life.

A Little About Me

While MIE is deeply impactful for participants, I wouldn’t be where I am without MIE. Teaching and participating in MIE the last 3 years has taken me deeper and wider into myself, and beyond. It’s brought me to the edge of what is most important to me, in this one precious life. This question has helped:

How can I be most of service and most true to myself while I’m on this planet? 

This is a question that has guided me for much of my life. Four years ago, while pondering how I’d like to move forward as healer, teacher, guide and co-creator, I knew it was time for my offerings to go deeper with folks. I was loving the intimacy of 1:1 journeying, and yet I knew two things: (1) my own embodiment into empowerment exponentially shifted when I found a community of practice to explore life with. (2) our brain and nervous systems radically transform when we are co-creating with others, and that it was time that I provide a community of practice for my clients. And, so I did. 

Each MIE has been a discovery in the wisdom in co-creating in communities formed in integrity, love, and compassion. I have had the honor of witnessing profound change, not only with participants, but also within myself. We deepen together, and become more empowered in all areas of our lives. I invite you to read through the testimonials shared throughout in italics. Because this is a visionary course, the words you read give voice to the level of transformation that occurs through the design of our 8 months together. 

Impact Testimonials “This last year has brought significant challenges and raised a lot of fears, and having this community and the encouragement to be consistently engaging in these practices has allowed me to move through life and relationships with more confidence and resources of inner security and outer support. Somatic work deepens my capacity to heal from trauma and to emerge from its long-term impacts on my nervous system and personal/professional life. Over the course of MIE, I’ve so clearly witnessed the impact of these simple practices and this welcoming community, strengthening my tolerance for change and expanding my capacity to engage in a more peaceful and fulfilling daily life.”


“I think part of the reason that this work is hard to describe is that while very powerful, it is simultaneously subtle. I still walk and talk and look like me. Yet all of that is now happening from a more centered and grounded being.”


“When I first met Li, it changed my life because I had never been offered so much compassionate space and support- someone who just believed in me and didn’t tell me I was too much.

Some understanding of what it is to be a human being, and especially a human being in relationship with others, has changed since I began MIE. And, this learning extends and expands out into the community context. It is slowly and steadily sinking into my system that there are humans that I can be with without having to mask, without having to keep it together for everyone, and without having to feel embarrassed about being cringe when I feel deeply.

In the beginning of MIE there was still so much shame and performance fear when being in the community spaces. Now, my system regulates just by knowing there will be a gathering.

Knowing there is a space where I won’t be judged, where I am asked for consent and accepted unconditionally is changing everything. Being in  the MIE community is changing the way I bring compassion to myself. I also feel so much more secure just being in the world, knowing that I have MIE community support whenever I need it.”


2023 was a year where masks came flying off, and I’ve found myself deeper in integrity with who I truly am. As I’m feeling deeply entwined with my own empowerment, I am excited to help you find your own relationship with who you are, and experience the liberation that comes with being an empowered participant in your own life.

As we approach the fourth year of MIE, we find ourselves amidst profound change requiring a higher level of engaged presence.  The era of going it alone or relying on the old outdated “boot straps” method is over. We are being invited to discover and live our ancestral gifts, and somatically integrate ancestral and epigenetic trauma. We are being called to break free from antiquated notions of “supposed tos, shoulds and have tos”, and liberate ourselves from the rigid dichotomies of “right, wrong, good, bad” that have previously governed our lives and limited our humanness. There are other ways to be, that both celebrate who we are, and liberate us from old beliefs structures. 

MIE offers a journey towards embracing your uniqueness and finding safety in it, from the inside out. Through a fusion of embodied somatic practices and a supportive community, we create a space that encourages collective resilience – enabling us to lean into, and stay with, challenges and resist the impulse to disconnect or isolate. In the process, our brains and nervous systems are rewired, and our hearts and psyches are transformed. As we cultivate the skills of choosing co-regulation, we deepen into an inner authority that allows us to be empowered in our own lives through intentional action and participation. We discover that we can trust being with life. We discover that we have choice and agency that honor who we really are.

What We’ll Learn

Through Matrix Integration Exploration 2024, you will…  (please feel free to take your time in opening up the embedded links for more context!)

  • Learn how consistent simple practices within a consistent community can produce consistent impacts on your capacity to engage with life
  • Learn how to stay with yourself and your feelings / sensations/ comforts and discomforts throughout life’s happenings 
  • Learn how to engage with your desires and fears in grounded and more stabilizing and empowering ways that honor you and allow you to participate in your life in the ways that work for you
  • Learn the neuroscience of co-regulation, remembering, mindfulness, reclaiming attention, and embodied somatic presence, how they are all related to trauma, and how to engage with them in simple ways throughout your day that work for you (and your neurotype)
  • Learn how to define your own metrics of happiness, meaning and success that are empowering for you, that give birth to trusting life in a way you’d never known possible
  • Learn how to identify false filters and have clarity in relationship with the dominant oppressive narrative we’ve all been educated in and which often leave us stuck in judgment of self and other
  • Learn how slowing down when your instinct is to speed up, gives you somatic clarity with past traumas, allowing you to be more available for more intimacy with yourself, others, and life
  • Learn embodied somatic practices and have a safe container in which to share your evolving journey through practice with dedicated community members

Impact Testimonials “I want to thank you for your patience, skillfulness and compassion over the years and especially in this last year as I sought help through MIE. I’ve been in a place of stagnation and self sabotage, lost and not even fully realizing how deeply, until now that I’m making my way out of this state. I was grieving the loss of my career, in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissistic addict that had me feeling powerless and defeated and my health was suffering. Your support and truthful guidance provided the anchoring and security I needed to help me to explore and face old traumas which were overwhelming. I have a tendency to over complicate and get ahead of myself wanting results now leading to overwhelm and failure. You saw right through that, really caring to know me deeply, which helped me to feel safe. I doubted it at first, but in time I could trust that keeping it simple and grounded might work. 

It is working! I’ve been faithfully doing MIE practices and it’s life changing. I now have energy to take action on my goals without having to wait for New Years to make resolutions. I am taking action in all areas of my life. I couldn’t exercise, now I walk daily. I sleep over 7 hours per day. I’m eating differently. I’m standing up to my partner and setting boundaries. I have more agency and clarity. Best of all, it feels like deep lifestyle changes, not just another temporary will power attempt that fizzles out. I’ve done plenty of that! I have real tools, hope and I enjoy my life more. It’s just the beginning. I mean this sincerely.”


“MIE has allowed me to be with me, to be more accepting of me, to rail against me, to love me, to despair of me, to have insights into me, to have resistance about me. To see the sweet imperfection of me, and the glory of  me.  All of it. All of it.”


“This has been my third year of doing MIE and each year I find myself more in touch with the energies of solidity and lightness within myself. In my life, this shows up as more ease in my work and relationships—though it is a process that continues, I have found the teachings and community support provided by MIE to be integral in supporting me on my journey. Really, there is no space I have found in my life that is more of a warm blanket to come home to when I need support.”


Nuts and Bolts of the Exploration 

You will be supported throughout our eight months together via

  • 16 (60-90 minute) private 1:1 sessions which will model the transformative power of Presence, Compassion and Curiosity, and allow your somatic system to be supported as you deepen into the territory of your choosing. You will receive two 1:1 sessions per month, one with me, and one with Julia Stolk *, my co-collaborator. 
  • A private social media platform off Facebook (Slack) that offers a container to learn and engage in 8+ unique somatic embodiment practices and 2 original inquiry processes that will support your empowerment process in tangible ways.
  • Personal email and text exchanges with us to provide personal support as needed.
  • 12 or more group live gatherings (all group calls will be recorded, which will be yours to review as resonates) ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. First gathering will be April 21, 2024, and the last gathering will be November 10,  2024. Please email me for the complete list of dates.
  • Book, audio, and video selections which center transformative voices. We will study them together to enhance our deepening.

The intimacy in both the 1:1 and group exchanges make this a comprehensive Exploration, utilizing neuropathic and nervous system re-learning. We meet frequently and consistently, using a variety of learning approaches and practices to support your evolution.

Impact Testimonials

“… it feels like my brain is suddenly rewiring my memories to tell myself a more accurate story of my past. Truly, I am seeing the benevolence in things. There is a light following me around. I am being taken care of. I am also seeing the deep wisdom of these practices, especially the rests. I think what has allowed this healing is that I am living from my bones more. My solidity. I’m not constantly blocking out the light. I am so grateful for having had this bout of healing.”


“MIE is a continually unfolding discovery that I believe is helping me to identify and rewrite the well-trodden negative patterning that I have carried with me in various permutations for decades. It is slow, gentle experiential and somatic exploration of self in the context of community. I have so appreciated the non-judgmental space that Lisa facilitates and the tools provided to help exploration and deeper connection with self. Furthermore, I believe that the work that Matrix Integration encourages is revolutionary in the way that it questions the oppressive dominant narrative that permeates all areas of our life – and invites a different consideration of how ife should be successfully lived and the metrics used to evaluate that.”


“This course helped me get more in touch with my body, in particular, and aware of how my thoughts effect the feelings in my body.  The class was very supportive as we each heard each other’s journey.  It was really such a gift.  It helped me become more confident in my own knowing, rather than thinking it’s coming from some external source.  It helped me get more freedom to be me, accept me, and yes, at times, love me.  The MIE experience has made a huge shift inside of me that’s difficult to express, but I can say it opened me up to experience life in a much more juicy way!”



I utilize a sliding scale option, based on what you can afford: $3,500- $4,500. Those who pay the full rate will allow me to fund scholarships. I require a $500 deposit. Payment arrangements can be set up. To facilitate exponential growth and learning, this Exploration will be limited to 20 participants. First priority will be given to current and past students/clients. 

Now is the time to bring profound possibility and empowerment into your life! 

Contact me with questions , or fill out your application now

More info:

To read past MIE posts: MIE1 here, MIE2 here, MIE3 here.

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Get to know me a little through this short video that I did spontaneously one afternoon, where I share: Why am I here? What am I doing with this amazingly precious life? Who am I doing it with?

Check out my Insight Timer channel for recordings I’ve done. 

*Note: Julia and I possess trauma-informed expertise in navigating a broad range of human experiences, encompassing diverse neuro types, gender, sexual and political identities, socioeconomic classes, race, and ethnicities. We celebrate the intersection of our collective humanity and strive to teach in a manner that both acknowledges and respects the rich diversity among us, while also recognizing the common threads that unite us.

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