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Gen X’ers, I really do love you. I mean, us. There’s something rather delightful about having clients from this generation, from our generation. In general: we’re tired, cause we’ve unqualifiedly been raising ourselves since birth; we know there’s gotta be more to life than we’ve been living; we’re reaching midlife/just beyond midlife, but we have a lot of life in front of us; and we work really really really hard to try to make it all ok.
Did I mention we’re tired? All the massive amounts of managing and trying to figure things out, and trying to mental our way through life has exhausted us, and also has not brought us the deep satisfaction that we yearn.
Aging is a funny process, especially when you realize you’ve gotta whole lot of life yet to live, and you don’t want it to be as it has been. We Gen Xers know we’re not getting any younger, and we have a sense that the hungry ghost within us just can’t be satisfied like it used to.
One of the things I love about Gen Xers is that by the time they make their way to my services, they’ve tried just about everything, and so there is a willingness to lean into what I have to offer. There’s courage, vulnerability and a readiness to go towards depth. And that just lights my fire cause it’s so fun to work with folks who know there is a better way, and are gonna lean in and go for it, because at this point, we’ve gotta take advantage of the years left. We’re fighters like that, after all.
I realize this post is filled with generalizations- and it’s true that some clients of younger generations are gonna match these descriptors, and some older ones too. But I’ve just been really digging my generation lately, and our trends. We may be a messed-up bunch, but I love us.

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