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Welcome 2023!  

I invite clarity ((See resource links at the bottom of this post!!!)) as we move into this new calendar year. Questions, exploring, naming and aligning are all centralized in my life because they take me deeper into the life I want to be most connected with. 

What questions do you gently hold, that help you to stay aligned to your purpose, your vision, your wisest self?

“What is keeping me from being present?” 
“What is supporting you in being present?”

These are gently and curiously held questions that keeps me company through my days. 

What questions do you gently hold, that help you to stay aligned to your purpose, your vision, your wisest self? 

As we move into the new year, we may stay connected with discovered truths that came up for us just a few days ago during Solstice, or we may be considering for the first time: what do we consciously want to let go of, and what do we want to embrace and embody in 2023 as we move towards becoming empowered participants on this planet? 

What is in our unconscious attention guides us, as does what is in our conscious attention. Becoming conscious of the unconscious is what allows us to be empowered. 

I invite you to be curious about what may lie just beneath your conscious awareness, that, when you slow down, you can feel the edges of. What rides on the coattails of unconscious attention that you’d like more clarity on? 

Maybe it has to do with relationship patterning, or the doubt filled narratives that muddle of your engagement (or there lack of) with life. 

Name what you’d like to develop more clarity with, while also naming what you’ll be letting go of that is getting in the way. And then identify very simple practices that will allow you to deepen into that clarity. Likewise, what are you already in conscious attention of, that you’d like more clarity with? Name that and get clear on your desires therein as well as what will be released. 

Honor your journey. 

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