Somatic therapy

  Utilizing a modality she created called Matrix Integration, Lisa couples cognitive conscious awareness with body and felt sense awareness. She has found that this holistic somatic approach gently and compassionately connects with each client’s mind, body and spirit, resulting in more effective and sustainable integration then traditional couch therapy or linear modalities. Together you will explore current and/or reoccurring themes, beliefs, emotions, physical ailments, traumas or other difficulties that are having a powerful impact on your life and are calling for release and integration, freeing you up to experience your present moment and life more fully. This can be in person or via skype/phone. Read This short blog piece for some more information.  

Access Consciousness BARS practitioner

  While gently touching 32 points on the head which contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that have stored in any lifetime, you will release limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing and ready to surrender. Lisa will be energetically clearing throughout the session. May be silent or include verbal processing.  

Reiki/Energy work

  A mostly silent session where we will focus on your specific intention(s). Intensions may include integrating and healing physical ailments, emotional imbalances, old patterning, chakra stagnation, or anything that is having a negative and powerful influence on your life. Integration is always part of this healing experience leaving you feeling grounded, present, spacious and expansive. This can be in person, via skype/phone, or done remotely. Remote sessions include an audio recording sent to the client. Energy work may also be woven into other modalities.  

Embodied Gatherings: A group where we practice being in the world, and being of Love, together


We live through relationship. In relationship to air and to ground, to form and the formless, we live, love and grow. A safe community is the perfect place to discover our forever created relationship with life.  Belonging, community, connection and a healthy nervous system are crucial for our well-being. We gather as a group to become more intimate with, and more available for, our life. For those who would like support in their journey, this is an affordable, safe option.


Please see the events page for more information



Audio and Video Resources 

  A generous client compiles all my rest recordings on Insight Timer page. This is the easiest way to access them, and it is a free service. If you’d like to be able to download rests, you can check out this site for a limited number of rest recordings.   My YouTube channel is not as utilized these days, but it has some videos many find useful. You may need to click around to access the videos. There are 11 in total.      



1:1 retreats are available. If you are interested in a more immersive and in-depth experience, please contact Lisa for details.