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Upcoming Retreat: We Can Know Love


(EDITED: updated post!)

My heart is swelling.

I was to come to Amsterdam the Spring of 2020 to facilitate a retreat.

Just as the details were being formed, we got the news.

One of the many disappointments of Covid-19 was the realization that I wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

It is now a year and a half later and my commitment to come to Amsterdam is moving back into form!  I am so excited to announce that (crossing fingers and toes) I will be facilitating a small gathering October 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Those of you who have journeyed with me know that the sacred and practical work I do is learning about, and exploring and seeing through, the ways we have been taught to separate from each other, from ourselves, from our communities, and from that which is larger than our small self.  We separate for valid reasons- culture and trauma being the most influential- and, we can unlearn these how we have been taught to separate. We can re-member, re-connect, unify, and transform. We can embody the change we want to see in the world, and live from there in our lives.

We will be a small group of people wanting to learn how to show up more fully in our lives. We will co-create a fertile ground for safely exploring our nervous systems, our psyches, our bodies, and our hearts. I will be utilizing science/trauma/transformative based practices which will help our brain/nervous system learn how to ground, widen and deepen in ways that will allow us to be conscious and empowered participants on this planet, connected to our bodies and our wise minds.

We can unlearn what we have been taught. We can know Love, in a culture that wants to keep us separate. During our time together we will be doing this individually, collectively, and universally. I look forward to learning, growing and loving together.

Details are coming- feel free to email me with questions.


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