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Thriving over the holidays


Post election and pre-holidays… people’s nervous systems are often STRESSED OUT!!!

This course will focus on practical and impactful information and practices that will help you to help yourself during this stressful time. We will be spending a lot of time on how you can support your nervous systems, so that you can be more present and less stressed. This is the third year I’ll be offering this course. It can make a profound difference to take care of yourself. A past participant had this to say “It was a powerful course at a difficult time. Timely. I definitely have tools and processes that can support me and my inquiry processes going forward.”

For many people the holidays in November and December are highly charged with too much travel, visitors or visiting, presents to buy, shortage of time, anxiety, food, sugar, alcohol, celebrating, family, money and over-stimulation of the senses. Add in pressure to feel jolly and be a big happy family and it’s no wonder we’re stressed.

This year has the added impact of a post election process that has left many in stress responses, PTSD, and/or fight/flight/freeze experiences. This is all fruitful ground for inquiry, but before that we must take care of our nervous systems. A course that is filled with guided practices, discussion, and support, plus 1:1 facilitations, could make a real difference this year!

During this course we’ll explore ways to support ourselves and our families. Inquiry will include looking at words and images of how we think we should feel at this time of year and what these sensations, energies and feelings in the body seem to mean. We’ll cover practical strategies, positive self-care, guided inquiry, breathing and in-the-moment ways to calm down and be present. In every class we will explore self-care through breathing and guided practices that calm and release triggers, allowing us to finally relax.

Perhaps most importantly, you will get 6 private sessions where you’ll get to explore the challenges you are currently facing- whether it’s about the holidays, or politics, or perhaps the combination. Many people are wondering how they will be able to have a peaceful holiday with family with all the political strife underway. Exploring our concerns before the holidays can lead to increased harmony and peace during the holidays.


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