Lisa's Deepening Courses, Embodied Gatherings, and her 1:1 sessions have been a lifeline for me. For most of the past decade my life has felt entirely overwhelming and restricted. I've had so much anxiety about all the difficult things happening to me and around me. She taught me in the gentlest ways how to feel safe again in my body, even when there is a lot of fear and discomfort happening. I'm so much more grounded and confident in my ability to navigate my life. I'm stunned how effective it's been for me. I highly recommend her courses, gatherings, and 1:1 sessions to anyone struggling in life. - Brooke W.


I was in a place in my life where I was aware Life wasn’t ‘working’ for me - I sensed there were self-defeating patterns that I was likely repeating but I did not have a conscious grasp of what those patterns might be. I had never questioned my perception of what ‘love is’ or where I had formulated that perception. The course was a dive into an abyss… merky … pitch dark. With skill and remarkable insight, Lisa held my hand and gently guided me upwards - the light at the surface in reach. I feel equipped to continue without the fear or self condemnation that once wreaked havoc in my relationships. I met ‘me’.  -Anonymous


My wish is to tell you how deeply spiritual our sessions are for me. As I wander those edges of my wounds, the bigger questions of the mysteries unveil themselves to me in a tangible form. What a blessing. -Greta 


The work you’re doing for you, is moving me. I’m blessed by the work you do for you. You’re so inner connected, and because of that I receive so much. And I am grateful. – Laura


I deeply appreciate Lisa's genuine knowledge, her generosity, dedication, and personal integrity. Every word spoken came from the heart and from personal experience, rather that being a mere theory. This made me listen with a curious mind and open heart, happy to receive every point she was making. It all made sense to me on a base level. I also enjoyed the community she created, which was coloured by a non-judgmental attitude to all questions asked or comments made. I felt safe and welcomed. Lisa's approach, which seems so generous, genuine and heart felt. This in itself is worth the experience. -Kara


A joyful acceptance is the predominant mood mixed with a sense of awe and amazement as I flow through the adventures of everyday life and watch the habits of mind do their dance.  Life has become an amusing journey and I am a willing participant.  -Anonymous


I've found lasting benefits to our sessions, even though we only did a few, they have helped me a lot and I would like to do more in the future.  I got more from those sessions than years of reading books and watching videos. -Young adult  


It is hard to describe the impact on my life which has resulted from being facilitated by Lisa. Daily somatic inquiry has become a habit of a sort, and a default in being present with all of life’s experiences, both “good” and “bad”.  I have discovered a willingness to return to life in all its manifestations rather than a progressive withdrawal.  -Anonymous 


Sometimes we humans need a moment of surrender to the love expressed in sharing with another our deepest hearts thoughts. This is not easy, for we feel there are few that have the ability to not only listen but also offer a word that fits the occasion, a word that is lovingly placed in our heart on the presumed empty spot. The response is given, not to fix, not to judge, but shared with pure love. Lisa Meuser has a gift for being aware and willing to listen to this need. She also is surrendered to her own thoughts and replaces them with an intuitive loving for the other. - Pia 


Wow, I am really feeling Lisa in her power as a healer. A powerful container formed due to how she was showing up. A vibration that didn't interfere with or detract my natural unfolding and in fact supported it deeply. I felt the container and no interference. I felt impacted by her energy, almost like a feeling of plugging in and disappearing to nothingness with her, experiencing becoming just energy. She supports and gives something significant with such subtleness that it doesn't overpower or distract. It's kind of like can't tell she’s there and yet I could totally tell she was there... the impact is obvious. - Moe, Life Coach 


Wowzers! Just had an amazing BARS session with Lisa. It's similar to having acupressure points touched on the head, and can be done in a chair or on a massage table. Their tag line is "it will either change your life, or feel like a great massage", so it's a win win!!! I highly recommend giving it a try! Lisa is loving & caring and makes you feel so relaxed and safe!! – Jana, Practioner


Lisa is an exceptionally gifted healer and practitioner. She is loving, compassionate, wise, keenly self-aware, intuitive, open, nonjudgmental, listens deeply, and has radiantly healing hands. I've been giving and receiving Reiki regularly for nearly 9 years, and my session with Lisa was incredibly mystical and powerful. She is both grounded and expansive, communicative, caring, full of integrity, and authentic. She has a very natural gift that she continually cultivates with love, care, and intention, and I am so grateful she shares it! - Christine, Reiki Master 


Lisa has an uncanny ability to remain open and unbiased in any healing and it must be that that allows her to see right to the heart of any problem. I always turn to her to get to the bottom of the problem and I have never been disappointed by her. Lisa's work has allowed me to break through a "glass ceiling" I had been been stuck under for years. I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing our paths together and I look forward to being the happy recipient of many more healings from her in the future." - Meg, Energy worker and mother of 4


Lisa is grounded in a wisdom that feels so comforting, like how it is to be with a best friend who knows our truths, and our fears. Lean into her insights. Her arms catch you mid-fall, and somehow you just KNEW they would! It feels good; just try it!" - Colette (Remote Energy Session)


Lisa's work with me accessed parts of myself that were deeply hidden. She directed her healing towards childhood memories and experiences that were below my level of awareness. Listening to the audio she sent me about the distance healing session, drew me into the soft, loving holding space that I sense whenever I communicate with her. I felt accepted and supported and safe to allow the issues she was addressing, to surface. Her gentleness allowed me to accept the parts of her sharing that resonated with my being, and to release myself to what was unfolding through the gifts of healing that she offered me. I'm hugely grateful for the shifts within myself that I've seen since we worked together. I feel that Lisa has an incredible gift of love and intuition to offer people and her dedication to bringing clarity as well as her integrity towards the truth give me great confidence in recommending her to anyone. - Jeanne (Remote Energy Session client)


"I like seeing Lisa because it is a place where I can express my feelings and just relax. I like it because it also makes me feel better. When I come in sad, I feel happy when I leave. I think she's really good at her job because I never leave sad." - Anonymous, 9 year old 


Lisa, you are an energy worker and healer, like none I've ever experienced. I came into some long-needed realizations. I never once felt pushed or like I wasn't getting it. And you seem to sense when I need to get back to center and made that happen. All by phone! Leaves me wondering what face to face would be like. - Life Trainer 


My sessions on compulsions and addictions with Lisa were absolutely some of the most incredible work I have ever done for myself. I went into food addiction under Lisa's expert guidance, and after 3 sessions, realized that a major shift had taken place. I no longer viewed my obsession/addiction/unhealthy attachment with food in the way I had before. Lisa gave me a set of tools that I will not soon forget. These tools have stayed with me on a daily basis, and I've been every so grateful to have them. I plan to keep working with her so that I can stay attuned to the work we did together. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who deals with compulsions/obsessions/addictions to seek Lisa's assistance. She really made a huge difference in that area of my life. - Teacher 

Before the session, I was feeling overwhelmed by what was happening to me and lacking the capacity to be open for fear of being eaten alive. The process created some space in my vessel to rest, to feel free, to feel some stuff at a digestible pace during the process. I felt joy that evening being free of the grip and the potential to stay turned toward the present moment, and ready to digest whatever might come. - Anonymous 


Behavior patterns and conditioning have a great grip on our operating system and have us all showing up in life in an auto pilot fashion. We create a 'ME' out of bundling thoughts, images and sensations and we are living a life believing we are that false construct , which has little to do with our true nature and the alive dynamic life force that we are. I came to Lisa because I was in deep suffering from my co-dependence and addiction to my unhealthy relationship with my ex girlfriend. In the Inquiry process, Lisa helped me loosen that identity and loosen the grip of my co-dependency, thread by thread, until I was left sitting in a much more free, open hearted place of rest, and a place of Truth, seeing clearly that 'I' am not that 'bundle', and in my case seeing through my addiction to my ex girlfriend and the belief that 'I need to matter to her' This process needs repeated as the movement to reconstruct that me, that false identity, is so automatic, as is the trigger for my addiction (seeing my ex around town or seeing images of her in my head). It is therefore really helpful to do a session each day, for several days in a row (in my case four), to keep undoing the addiction.   This work with Lisa gave my system an experience of the truth that I am simply energy, before all labels and addictions. Each session felt profound and GREAT medicine for my nervous system as it got to rest out of the false identity, in a way it never does in day to day life. It was and is a great contribution to the ongoing healing of my addiction, as my body received rest from the addiction patterns. Lisa is a gifted natural intuitive practitioner of this process. Years of conditioning don't get undone overnight hence as part of the process, Lisa coached me to do the Inquiry myself ongoing, so that I can keep deconstructing the made up addicted 'Me' when and if it re-grips. - Life Coach