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The drops of water caught in my sunglasses

showed me the universe.

All the mitochondrial networks

bounced back at me

and I could see the world through

a rainbow interpretation of

light and dark

water and air

form and formlessness.

It didn’t have to make sense,

it could have been nonsense.

But it did,

and it wasn’t.

There we were

dancing in the space


Nothing left out,

a single drop of water

contained the fire

of creation,

mountains above and below,

cannonballs of destruction

and volcanos of orgasmic


All is art,

life whispers in my ear,

like a hot tongue

lighting my pussy on fire.

I nod, yeah, I whisper back.

I breath, and the knowing goes deeper.

Life is art, and art is life,

is whispered in my ear

like a punch in the gut.

I nod, yeah, I whisper back.

I don’t fall over, I don’t collapse

I just breath the cacophony.

The fire that magnetizes all things

make all things exquisite.

water drops of reflection, of everything.

I call this love, love calls this me.

kaleidoscoped love


*****Written October 19, 2022 at Ghost Ranch, as a fast write, inspired by an experience I’d had earlier in the day. As written in my journal: A couple times my eyes landed on the drops of water that had landed on the inside of my sunglasses. The drops suddenly revealed themselves  as cells of the body, with all their intricate workings. It dawned on me that I was looking at the universe.

Do you yearn to know the depth of the universe? 


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