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A Slow Down, A Wake Up


Can you feel the doors that have opened recently, leaving Wind the space and time to come in and do her thing?

Loose papers are blowing around, or away, the drapes being rustled, sound blessings… life kissing life, co-creating alterations, in process.

Is this Spring heralding herself forth?

I don’t often think of life as a Rubik’s cube but there are times when things snap into place, so to speak and seemingly stay there for a bit, before the colors get all mixed up again.

Right now I feel like the snapping into place is happening, ever so briefly, every so subtly, before the colors mix up again. Said in another way, the landing periods are brief these days, while the wind blows herSelf as she does: mysteriously, in flow, in co-creation, and yet with purpose.

I feel beginner’s mind especially strong right now, not so much by choosing, but in that it’s found me- I’ve wound up Here as a beginner. It is a glorious place to be, although for the personality, not so much.

I realize some of you are waiting for me to blog about some topics… in particular: restoring integrity while forgiving ourselves in the process (moving from blame to self-love), the often disorienting journey of waking up to the dominant oppressive narrative,  discovering expansiveness through trauma work, and the dominant oppressive narrative’s relationship with sexuality…  Those are coming, but it’s the time of gestation right now, and I need to honor that.

In the mean time, please enjoy the rest recordings posted here and on Insight timer.

As always, I am grateful for those around me who are also being guided to live beyond the restrictive and oppressive dominant narrative, who are living as learning and transformational Beings. Where would I be without you all?


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