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Core/head body identification


In my own inquiry and in working with clients, there seems to be more identification that comes from the core and head parts of the body than in other areas of the body. If I’m noting sensations in the hand, for example, it’s less likely that I’ll reduce those various sensations to a person named Lisa. Moreover, it’s quite logical/easy to see that I could lose my hand, and “Lisa” would still exist.

There’s a lot more identification that comes from sensations in the core and head of the body, which makes perfect sense. From a reptilian or survival perspective, the brain is hard wired to reference these core areas of the body and all the sensations that go along with them as directly linked to and part of identity. Biologically speaking, the human mechanism recognizes the core and head of the body to be most vital to survival. Which is why, when it’s cold, the core of the body will consume the bulk of the heat of the body. The body knows that it can loose a hand, or a foot or even arms and legs, and still survive. Maybe not as efficiently, but still it can survive. The body can’t survive without the organs however, at least not for long. And in the days when humans didn’t have electricity, running water, or even inherent value this mechanism has in the core/head areas due to our literal existence being more reliant upon them.

So the next time it *seems* that the core/head sensations are referencing a “personal I”, consider that it’s just one more way the human mechanism functions. Having said that, all sensations, including those found in the core/head of the body can be experienced without identity through inquiry exploration. I’d strongly encourage you to explore all the “seeming” ways that core/head sensations reference a personal I. Experiencing sensation as raw sensations, without the burden of identity, is immensely freeing, and perhaps is even necessary for the evolution of humanity in this new age.


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