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Today’s YouTube-   Discovering the Possibility of Living from Being after a Childhood of Urgency

To live from another way other than our childhood programming, we have to slow down. But we’re not going to slow down until we feel safe to be Here, in our bodies. When we learn that it’s safe to slow down, when we learn that it’s safe to be with our bodies, our reality changes. And, if we’re professionals working with others, our client’s lives start to be transformed as well.

*Living a life from Being- where we somatically connect with our ourselves, our clients/others, and life- allows us a whole other reality than the reality of our young years- particularly if we experienced some trauma in those years.

*Many of us were constantly navigating, managing, and/or trying to put out fires throughout our childhoods. We got used to that urgency, and while it may have became “normal”, it never became functional, and we rarely felt safe to Be Here.

*We can learn that there is another way of living- where our brain and nervous systems can be in regulation, where it is safe to slow down, and safe to be in our bodies. A very different reality opens up when we no longer live from that sense of urgency.

Watch the YouTube here or below.

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