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I was speaking with my last client about the pitfalls of some spiritual teachings. In my reality tunnel embodiment is not about having equanimity or calmness. It’s experiencing any expression that arises and letting that experience/expression be, as it is. Which means anger, jealousy, love, joy, fear, and so on all get to be here. When we are tied to an identity, and the identity itself rests upon certain ideas (which all identities do), we can’t let things be, because those things seemingly threaten who we take ourselves to be. So, for example, if I’m a “peaceful” person, then being angry is going to threaten that persona or identity. Which means that any time anger comes up, I have to try to evade it, fix it or try to figure it out so that it goes away. Even acknowledging or naming that it’s here might be too threatening to who I take myself to be (a peaceful person). And if I can’t acknowledge it, then it’s going to seem threatening to explore it, and it’s going to be that much harder to be with the feelings of it. The ironic thing is that the feelings of it are actually already here, but because I’ve made them into something taboo, I have to resist them. So they get stuffed down, adding more resistance and more persistence. More resistance to any particular way of being that will go against the identity that I take myself to be- that I rest my ideas of well-beingness upon.

It’s often identity that tells us that certain things/emotions/ways of being are or aren’t ok. Without identity, there’s the happening of expressions, actions, and movements. And they come from our higher selves, so to speak, not from ego or from conditioning or from identity. Get curious about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. Get curious about the wants that you have, that you’ve not allowed yourself to acknowledge. Get curious about the ways that you pigeon hole yourself into certain ways of being. Get curious.


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