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Heart Presence


As I’ve written about, my sweet cat Michelangelo died a couple weeks ago. I found myself deeply missing him this morning, yet resisting the missing. My thoughts were getting in the way of feeling, while i believed them.I spotted this, I went below thoughts and toward the experience of loss. Yes, towards it.

As I moved toward the loss, regardless of what thoughts were purporting. I moved toward the seeming realness of my heart aching as I saw images of my sweet cat. My heart ached as I remembered his kindness, his softness, his gentle nature.  I moved toward that ache, and I no longer what all of this was about, just that my heart was vying for attention.

As I moved toward the ache, I was able to surrender to the missing. Without trying to control or shift the discomfort, and instead surrounding *into* it, there was no need to try to escape via thought strategies or doing strategies. Thoughts were rendered useless, and external referencing was stopped dead in it’s tracks. There was full allowance to feel, to grieve, to move **through**, as opposed to trying to escape around, what was being experienced.

As loss was allowed to be felt, the birth of a wider heart revealed itself. What I seemed to be missing and longing for was within me. It was me. And it didn’t come from the outside- it was within the interior of being.  Michelangelo’s softness and kindness isn’t gone. His form may be, but what came through his form, the energy itself, is eternally present. Heart Presence is a living energy.

So much loss, and birth, everyday. Every moment. Death and rebirth. And yet, it’s all here. Nothing is missing, or truly lost. And yet to grok that, to know it deep in our being, one has to **explore into** the perceptions and seeming realness of los as it is being experienced via words, images and sensations. One has to deeply feel loss, to know that it is not true.

Stay turned toward heart, toward loss, toward heart break. Only then will the lack of separation become known. Turn toward. Turn toward. Turn toward… Heart Presence. <3


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