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Life as an Experiment

In my reality tunnel, everything is an experiment. Every time we do something, we’re doing it in unique circumstances, and we don’t ever know for sure what will happen. Sometimes we do things over and over, and the outcome is remarkably similar to what has happened before. For example, we turn on the oven, and it gets hot. Other times we do something over and over, and one day something completely different happens. We turn on the oven, and nothing happens. We can’t control all variables, even though sometimes we think we can. Sometimes we become so dependent upon outcomes that we’re thrown into a whirlwind when the simplest of things do not happen, like in my oven example. It is at those times that we are reminded that life is indeed one big experiment, forever spontaneous. I’m going to be doing a series of blogs that point to and illustrate how life, and everything in it, is an experiment. I invite you to play along and experiment with me. Expect my first experiment within a week. IMG_2997 In the mean time, notice that life, and your part in it, is a series of experiments. This may require you to put on your science goggles, slow down, and take the time to look at life as it’s happening. In the Living Inquiries, this happens organically, as a facilitator guides you through your thoughts, memories and sensations as they are surfacing in real time whilst in a place of mindfulness. But you can do this on your own as well. Science experiments require noticing- so take the time to notice. Pay attention to the finest details, and then let your attention go bigger, incrementally, to the vastest noticing. Doing that is an experiment in and of itself, so notice how you experience that. Pay attention to how your day typically goes. Notice the habits- how you routinely do things. Then consciously alter something in your day, in some small way, or in a larger way if you’d like. You can notice from a place of quiet mindful rest or amidst the busiest of moments. In my blog post “Lisa’s Breath”  I’ve listed some hints for how to notice what is already happening, from a place of rest. Here are some ideas for how to experiment amidst your busy day: Go to work using a different route. Order something different at your favorite restaurant. Sleep on the other side of the bed. Go out your back door instead of your front door. Listen to a different radio station. Go for a walk instead of watching a tv show. Watch a tv show instead of doing the dishes. There is no right or wrong thing to do in experiment: it’s something done in order to discover something. And there is no right or wrong in what you discover. So notice whatever you notice, and enjoy the noticing. Feel free to let me know what you’re up to with your experiments, and what you notice!  

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