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Lisa’s Breath

There is a theatrical performance/movie going on inside my body. I could title mine “Lisa’s breath”. If I stop and go inward, and bring my attention to my breath, and then to the sensations “under” the in and out breaths, I will discover hundreds if not thousands subtle “goings ons”. Try this out yourself. Become quiet: bring your attention to the in-breath, then the out-breath. Then bring your attention to the inner space of the body, and notice how each breath (in and out) has sensations connected to the breathing. Get really curious. Drop the labels and judgements. Stick with the raw sensations. Notice the movements with such curiosity- as if you’re leaning in to hear a pin drop in the next room. It’s amazing how many movements are present, one flowing to the next, to the next, to the next…. like logs on a stream, floating down a river or stream. Continue to be curious with the various sensations. Nose hairs. Check bones. Jaw. Shoulders. Arms, Lets. Chest. Stomach. Then drop the labels. Keep following the sensations, wherever they take you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just as thoughts are happening all day long, just as images and pictures arise in the mind all day long, breathing also happens all day long, whether we notice it or not. And also happening all day long are these countess sensations……. Drop your attention into this playground, with simple curiosity. Enjoy. If you find yourself getting distracted, or are not able to stop the thoughts/images/labeling long enough to notice the raw sensations, let me know and I will help guide you.  

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