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Moments of Listening, Slowing down, and Receiving


Hi family. I wanted to share a wonderful moment with you.

Life, as busy as ever, continues to open her hand to me, as if to say, “here, come.”

On the morning of the video I looked outside. I had about 30 minutes before my first client. I had the thought, what is it like outside? It had been hot and humid, and I was surprised when I opened the door.

A wave a fresh cool morning air meet me. And my trajectory for the morning changed.

The writing bug entered right into me, and went out with my computer to do some writing (which turned into the blog post under this one).  Upon sitting down, I looked into my back yard and there was a mama deer.

Those of you who know me, know that I love deer. I got a nice shot, and then started to connect to writing.

And then. What was it that drew my eye into the woods? I don’t know, but then, all of the sudden, there was this fawn. I hope you enjoy the video.


I am grateful for such moments of listening, slowing down, and receiving.


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