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The Day After


The Day After Daunte Wright’s Lynching

I wonder how far back we’ll have to remember,

to re-member ourselves as people who

co-create futures that

honor life.

How many thousands of years ago

was it that we

were aligned with

the wisdom of


When culture was rooted in the knowing

that intersectionality and

interdependency were

essential for true living?

I see blue skies this morning,

I hear birds singing.

My heart celebrates

this show of life, and

the heart nausea that

comes every time

another person who is killed by police

will not be ignored.

Tick, tock.

Life and death, this is nature. But

white supremacy is

born from something something different.

How long will it take for us to re-member ourselves?

What is being re-membered, right now:

hearts open, eyes open, with the taste

of blood on our tongue?

I’m writing a poem a day for April- a “fast write” first thing in the morning. April 12’s prompt is “past and future”, and is the day after Daunte Wright’s lynching.


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