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The Disempowerment of Separation

‘Hero worship’ and ‘Enemy hate.’ When we hero worship, or hate our enemies, we can’t help but hand over of our power, our truth, and place it onto on someone (or something we’ve made solid). And it seems to me that handing over one’s power can only come from fear- and it also leaves one in fear (although it may be disguised as something different- until the basket in which you’ve placed your power falls apart) as we’ve created more separation from our-self.


It’s so hard to not separate ourselves from others- separate ourselves from those we hero worship, and/or separate ourselves from those we dislike- because our culture teaches us to separate as a way to cope with living in a disempowering culture. And, because we do live in a traumized oppressive culture, we pretty much have to separate at various parts of our lives to stay alive. We learn this is the norm at some point, and then we often don’t know how to get out of this strategy. We embody this fear based and disempowered way of being, as we do, we continue to fight for our separation as adults. It’s an exhausting, burdened way to live.


When we move from deep within our beings, and move from that inner place of truth and knowing, that sense of disempowerment starts to shift from a fear resonance into something else. It can take awhile. If we hang in there we’ll start to feel a different kind of alignment show up. Call that love if you want. Call it aliveness. Call it right action. Call it whatever you want. It’s here, when we slow down long enough to feel deep in our beings. It helps when we connect with other human beings who are also slowing down to see what else is possible.


It’s easy to get lost “out there” but it’s essential that we turn our attention inward, and live/move/exist from this place. Find you’re knowing. Stay with it. Love it and nourish it.  And when you’ve connected there, let that fuel you.  If you don’t get what i’m saying, if this feels like gibberish and you’d like to understand, reach out. Or check out my MIE2022 offering: Matrix Integration Exploration: For Mental Health and Well-Being Professionals Committed to Change.

There is so much more available to us than the limitations of this culture!

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